Beautify Your Cooking Area: Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

KitchenIn a busy and functional room like the kitchen, window treatments and coverings can give the style and functionality it needs. A durable and an attractive window treatment can stand up to heat and moisture, while allowing your cooking space to make a statement.

Not all window coverings, however, are equipped to offer style and functionality. Below are a few choices that can offer a little shade while providing decorative appeal to this busy room.


The sun’s UVA and UVB rays can increase indoor temperatures, dry wood and fade furniture. Boardwalk notes that shutters can do a wonderful job in protecting your kitchen from too much exposure to sun. The slats of a shutter can block the harmful ultraviolet rays and provide the right amount of privacy you need. They are also easy to clean and can hold up to the wear and tear the area is exposed to.


Curtains with cute and lively patterns can have a decorative effect and make the space more interesting. If you want to make a significant look in the kitchen, choose fabrics with eye-catching colours and designs, and those with fun trims and fringe. If you have a large window or glass door in the space, floor length curtains are perfect for giving the kitchen a contemporary feel.

Roller Shades

If you want a window treatment that can offer consistent privacy, roller and cellular shades are a great choice. Screening materials or window treatments made from woven or translucent materials are also a good alternative. It is important, however, to do a quick check before choosing a window treatment. You might want to turn on the lights in the room at night and look from the outside if you can see through the shades or blinds.

The right window treatment can make a tremendous impact on your kitchen. For a more personalised effect, choose those that express your lifestyle and carefully consider the texture, colour and style. Don’t forget about the durability of the window treatment to make sure that it can stand up to the kitchen’s demands.

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