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Custom Wheels and Tires: Improving the Appearance and Performance

customized wheelsFor many, it isn’t enough to just own a car and be able to drive it freely. Most would want to step up their game further by tricking out their ride, customizing the overall appearance of their vehicle. The reason behind this is actually understandable, as almost all cars sold are mass-produced and that means there’s a chance that you run into someone with the same car as you.

Customizing your ride isn’t all aesthetics, though – how it performs on the road is something that you also change when you’re tricking out your ride. If it’s your first time customizing your car, the first things you should look at are your wheels and tires.

Wheel Performance

AllStarTire notes that although customized wheels may only seem to make your ride look good, it can also improve your car’s performance on the road. Depending on the wheels you get, you might be able to increase the acceleration of your vehicle or strengthen its grip on the road.

Customizing your car with lightweight wheels feels different when you first drive it. Not only will you have better handling, but your car will also have a faster reacting suspension system and accelerates faster than when you have heavier wheels.

The advantages of getting larger wheels, on the other hand, are relatively minimal. Your car’s traction improves greatly at the cost of diminished speed and an increase in fuel intake. If you’ll be spending a lot of time driving off-road, bigger wheels are better. Otherwise, stick to the smaller wheels.

Tire Traction

Choosing custom tires for your car is easier as it’s all about performance. Unlike with your wheels, the way to go is to plus size your tires since your concern here is to improve its traction or grip on the road.

When you increase the size of your tires, its sidewalls become shorter, and this means less rubber deflection. The benefit is that you can change the direction of your car easier, although the trade-off is that you’ll have a more difficult time handling bumps on the road.

When you customize the wheels and tires of your car, it’s important to consider not just its aesthetics, but also how it performs on the road. Make sure you choose carefully and balance both aesthetics and performance.

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