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Create a Bond with Your Child Through These Activities

Being your child’s best friend is one of life’s greatest joys. When you’ve fostered a great relationship with your child, you get to witness their growth and confidence. You’re also seen as a person they can instantly trust to talk to when things go wrong. It’s a gift to be your kid’s friend, and all it takes is bonding with them from a young age to build a close friendship. But with so many distractions, how does one spend quality time properly?

To be called your little one’s “bestie” takes more than just buying them gifts or the occasional compliment. Bonding in unique ways makes greater connections, and it brings out the fun in both of you. Here are different ways to spend time with your child and foster an amazing mother-child friendship that will last for years.

1. Learn something new together

Taking up a new hobby with your child is always big fun because it gives you a chance to learn more about each other. You also get the opportunity to be at the same level and see the learning process through at the same time. Learning a new hobby helps your child become more creative and develop better problem-solving skills to help them grow. And learning new things is just plain fun.

Try something like painting or learning a new language. You don’t have to take it too seriously, too. If it stops being fun, there’s no harm in picking up something new, as long as you are both enjoying it. What’s important is the time spent together and the memories you make laughing and learning with your child.

2. Take them travelling

By travelling, that doesn’t mean going abroad. Walking around the city and getting ice cream cones is a great way to bond as well. This helps expose them to new environments and shows them a world beyond the walls of your home. Travelling together is also a chance for you to teach them about the world and see the sights.

If you want to take longer trips, make sure to book your travel with activities you’re sure your child will enjoy. Going to an ocean or nature park is a great option, and it will help them learn at the same time. Worried about lodging in the big city while on a budget? Affordable hostels with private rooms can ensure comfort and privacy if your child gets nervous around strangers.

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3. Engage in play or sports with them

Children love to play, and engaging with them in this activity can make your relationship better. Play is important because it allows kids to use their imagination. So don’t be surprised when your child asks you to play the role of a dragon or a wise wizard. It also gives you the chance to be silly and carefree around them, and it can be a good break from the stress of work, too. Encourage it, and enjoy it.

Sports can be a good way to bond with them while being active. Sports can help your child learn discipline, and it gives you moments to encourage and motivate them. Kids remember positive comments, so go ham with it. Compliment them on their running skills or how nimble they are with catching a ball. It’s extra motivation for them to keep trying their best even when they slip.

4. Have a good old sit-down talk

Nothing beats talking to your child, so set out some juice and pastries and have a little afternoon tea session. This can make them feel comfortable opening up to you about the things they like and feel and opens you up as a safe space to them as they grow. You can also tell them stories about when you were younger and even teach them valuable life lessons, too.

Talking to your child helps them develop more trust in you. A good storytelling session over snacks, outside in a garden as a picnic, or even at breakfast can help you bond without smothering them. Talking to someone younger makes for a fascinating conversation, so don’t think about things too hard and let the stories flow. When your child gets older, they’ll look back at your talks with a smile.

Being a mom is no walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean it has to be like pulling teeth, either. Having a kid is fun, and building a good relationship with them can make them better people as they grow older. Becoming your child’s friend is important and can help boost their self-esteem and security. So don’t be afraid to engage them in activities that will help bring you closer.

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