Summer Migraine: Addressing and Relieving the Pain

Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and brain stroke are some neurological conditions that the summer heat can worsen. The start of the warm weather should prompt people to be more cautious about their hydration to keep their bodies cooled down amid the intense heat. Another common neurological condition that is worsened during this time is migraine. This condition is considered the sixth most disabling disease globally, and around 12% of Americans experience this condition.

Given the nature of migraine attacks, this can often slow down a person’s productivity at home and work. There are treatments and home remedies that can help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of migraine. Undergoing Botox treatments is one of the methods that has been found to help control migraine episodes in patients. Apart from this, there are also home remedies that you can try to temporarily ease the pain from migraines.

Experiencing migraines is a major inconvenience for many people, but having migraine episodes does not automatically mean that you have to consult a doctor. Observe the patterns in your episodes and try safe techniques and remedies before deciding to consult your trusted medical professional.

Migraine 101

Migraine causes multiple symptoms that vary for each person. A migraine headache often includes severe throbbing pain on one side of the head. This neurological condition also comes with nausea, vomiting, and sometimes even sensitivity to light.

The cause of migraine is not fully clear; however, genetics and environmental aspects may contribute to this condition. Some migraine triggers include hormonal changes in women, stress, and weather changes.

Migraine can affect anyone, both children and adults. This condition has several stages, though not everyone goes through these. When you experience migraines, these attacks can often interfere with your productivity and workflow. Despite working from home, migraine attacks can still affect your output at work. When this happens, you should learn to prioritize taking care of yourself as stress may worsen your condition. Find ways to alleviate stressors at work that might be contributing to your neurological condition.

Summer Migraine


While summer is for spending time under the sun, some people suffer due to the weather changes. The changing of seasons can often affect people with migraine attacks. These weather triggers can interfere with everyday activities such as spending time with the family during the kids’ summer break.

To help prevent seasonal migraine triggers during summer, it is important to stay hydrated. The intense heat can easily lead to dehydration so remember to always keep a water bottle ready. Your changes in sleep patterns during the warm months can also affect the frequency of your migraine attacks. Make sure to get enough sleep each night to let your brain rest from the day’s work.

Keeping track of your diet, physical exercise, and sleep cycle will allow you to manage your migraine attacks better. Drink more water than usual during this time to avoid getting dehydrated.


Thinking about how some people believe in migraine myths can be such a pain. If you experience migraine attacks, it is time to debunk the myths you may still believe in. Knowing the truth about your medical condition could, in fact, help you manage your migraine attacks better. It is wise to learn the facts about your neurological condition so that you will be better equipped to handle and face the various triggers and symptoms that may arise.

While some migraine patients may have given up on finding the most suitable treatment for their condition, you can try natural migraine remedies to reduce your symptoms. Using these natural remedies can be done in the comfort of your home, and you don’t have to experiment with over-the-counter medication. Taking over-the-counter pain relievers might be effective to some degree, but it could eventually lead to medication overuse that may worsen your symptoms.

Experiencing migraine attacks is normal for many people; however, there are situations when you have to consider consulting your trusted medical professional. If you have been experiencing many headaches and no other remedy has been effective, it is time to set a schedule with your doctor. You should also watch out for sudden and severe headaches paired with slurred speech, loss of vision, or weakness. If this occurs, contact emergency assistance immediately.

People who experience frequent migraine attacks often suffer during seasonal changes. It’s important that they learn how to manage their neurological condition properly so that they can ease their symptoms as they go through their daily activities. One doesn’t have to suffer from migraines needlessly if they can prevent or address them accordingly.

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