Buying Virgin Hair Extensions? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hair Extensions It’s fascinating to see how quick celebrities can change from one hairstyle to another. Your fave celebrity may be announcing the inspiration behind her new pixie ‘do one moment and then flaunting her mermaid curls at her next event.

Hair extensions are the key to quick, Hollywood-style transformations. For natural-looking extensions, virgin remy hair from reputable suppliers such as is your best option. Before you go out to buy hair extensions for yourself, here are some things you need to know about authentic products:

What is Remy Hair?

“Remy” is a hair extension manufacturing term: The person collecting the hair gathers the hair into a ponytail and then cuts it just before the hair tie. They gather the hair in this manner so they can distinguish the root end from the tip end. Doing so will help preserve the hair’s texture and cuticle direction. After cutting the hair, the professional then washes and disinfects the locks before preparing it into wefts.

Virgin natural hair is remy hair that never went through harsh washes, bleaches, perms, or dyes. It is also comparably easier to maintain and style.

Finding Quality Virgin Remy Hair

There are a lot of hair extension products out in the market. How, then, do you make sure that what you are purchasing is authentic, quality remy hair?

  1. Color

The first thing to ask the supplier when looking for virgin hair is to ask about the available colors. The hair should come in a color that’s considered “natural” in its country of origin — it should not be “deep pink” or “ash gray” unless you specifically asked the supplier to dye it that way for you.

  1. Origin

Make sure that the hair extension you are considering is locally made. If you are buying Brazilian hair, for instance, check if the extensions are likewise made in Brazil. If the seller claims that the extensions were from a country that does not relate to the type of hair, request to see a certificate of authenticity. By being cautious, you can make sure that you bring home authentic virgin remy hair.

To achieve a red carpet-worthy look, it pays to ask the right questions about the authenticity of your extensions. While synthetic hair can be cheaper, it may not blend well with natural hair and allow as much freedom when styling.

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