Coming to Terms with a Loved One’s Impending Death

Bereavement Programs in Indiana It’s never easy when someone in the family becomes ill, especially if that someone is old or near the end. In some cases, when a family member knows they have no chance of recovering from their ailment, they would rather stay home and spend their remaining moments with their loved ones.

Effect on family

For the dying, what matters most is spending their final moments with the ones they love. But for the rest of the family, it’s more than that. It’s about learning to accept what their sick loved one has already come to terms with — that their time together will soon come to an end.

Feelings of guilt

Sometimes, a loved one may feel guilty. It is not uncommon for someone close to the dying, such as a spouse, to question why their beloved is dying and not themselves. Others may also blame themselves, although they did not cause the problem.

Quality of life

When a loved one is dying and there are no chances of cure, such as when the loved one is dying of old age or cancer, medical professionals will often inform the family that their best course of action is to ensure the quality of life in their loved one’s remaining days. This is often difficult for the family, but at some point, they must face the facts.

Sticking together

A family taking care of a sick member has been often under tremendous stress. Especially if the ailing person has become difficult, emotions may run high, sensitivities frayed, and relationships become strained. It is often helpful to have someone who isn’t a member of the family to turn to, such as friends. There are also bereavement programs in Indiana specifically designed to help family members cope, especially after the sick loved one has passed away.

Such an experience has a different effect on different people. For some families, it is a time to let bygones be bygones, and upon the death of the loved one, the surviving members of the family become closer to each other. For others, it is a trying moment difficult to comprehend, let alone forget, and the scars brought about by their shared experience may last for a long time.

Should you ever be in such a situation, make an effort to reach out to people who can help you overcome the emotional experience that can, in time, make you stronger.

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