spray-on insulation

Home Insulation: Options for Insulating the House on the Cheap

Winter is only a few weeks away. Soon, your home will be decorated with cold white snow. When you live in an area where snow happens, it only becomes a must that you find ways to insulate your home before winter.

This got homeowners scrambling to find ways to insulate their homes without spending too much out of their budget. But the question is, what can financially conscious homeowners do to insulate the house on a budget? Here are some ideas you can try.

Install Shiplap in Your Walls

Back in the day, they only use shiplap outdoors. We use this as weather protection in places where homes become highly vulnerable to harsh climates. Nowadays, adding shiplap in a poorly insulated space can bring better insulation and style to any room.

Wall panels using shiplap offer many benefits. Installing this in your room can make the space more comfortable. It helps insulate the room better, giving you a more comfortable living space ready for winter.

Shiplap also adds style and protection to any living space. This is especially true in high-traffic areas like the hallway and entryway. Remember that shiplap is durable enough that it can outperform drywalls.

This is also an affordable way to boost home value. Homeowners often enjoy a good return on investment for transforming the house with shiplap. You get to change the space and add dimension to a boring wall.

Invest in Weatherstripping

Sealing gaps and cracks around the house is an excellent way to keep the cold air from seeping inside your home. When done the right way, you can even save money since your HVAC system doesn’t need to work hard to keep your desired indoor temperature.  This is a cheap investment that can do wonders in insulating the house.

Weatherstripping your walls, doors, and windows is a project you can safely tackle by yourself. For a successful weatherstripping project, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Clean doors, walls, and windows using soapy water and reusable cloth. Use fine-grit sandpaper if needed.
  • Carefully measure the top, bottom, and both sides that require weatherstripping.
  • Tighten hinges of doors and windows.
  • Make sure to measure the jamb.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of weatherstripping types before buying.
  • Consider investing in a door sweep.

spray-on insulation

Seal Your Chimney

Did you know that one reason why your energy bill runs high during winter is because of your fireplace? Having a broken or missing fireplace damper makes you lose a considerable amount of heat when you need it the most. Sealing your fireplace flue is an excellent way to make sure your home is well-insulated.

One thing you can do is to plug your chimney when not in use. A chimney balloon will do the trick. This is a balloon covered in laminate that you can inflate inside the chimney for a better seal.

If you are unable to find a chimney balloon, you can opt for a DIY project. Use bubble wrap and cardboard to create your own chimney balloon. Just make sure you remove the chimney balloon before using your chimney.

Insulate Your Water Heater

Everyone could use readily available hot water during winter. But if you take your water heater for granted, you can experience issues just when you need it the most. One way to ensure you have hot water all winter is to insulate your water heater.

This is especially true if you have an older water heater tank. Modern tanks already come with adequate insulation. For older tanks, invest in additional insulation.

Water heater insulation does not have to be expensive. You can buy an insulation jacket for your water heater pipes. You can also use a water heater blanket or other available insulation materials.

Bring Our Your Blackout Curtains

Many people can’t sleep with a light on. This is why they have blackout curtains installed. Know that summer is not the only time you can utilize these thick blackout drapes.

Blackout curtains or thermal drapes have several layers of R-value. This is what gives blackout curtains what we call thermal resistance. This makes them an excellent way to insulate your windows affordably.

Worried about blackout curtains ruining your interior? Not all blackout curtains are black. These come in a variety of colors, giving you many choices you can choose from.

Insulating your home does not have to be expensive. Whether you’re simply running low on cash or want to save money while preparing your home for winter, there are other ways you can do this. With the help of this list, you can stay on your budget and enjoy a well-insulated living space this coming snowy season.

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