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Taking Care of Yourself While You’re Stuck at Home

People from all around the globe are contacting me because they have hit rock bottom. They’ve just had enough of being trapped inside. No more working from home. Enough with company closures. Again with the school closings. They are tired of being alone. That’s enough of everything.

In stress coping counseling, the most frequent message is, “I simply can’t do this anymore.” Some people cry uncontrollably.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lives in a variety of ways. And after months of being cooped up indoors, restricting our contact with family members and friends, and balancing obligations at home and work, it’s no wonder that many of us are experiencing irritation, rage, and other negative emotions. If you find yourself in a position where you don’t feel like you can manage what’s going on and have lost the desire to try, you’re not alone. Stressing yourself out, increasing your duties, and isolating yourself from your support networks is a formula for burnout.

You do, however, have an option. You may either buckle under the pressure and surrender, or you can band together and strive for your job, life, and mental health. If you select the first choice, you will almost certainly fail. On the other hand, the second choice will allow you to innovate, achieve, and become stronger as a result of what you conquer. And here are some ways you can show up, strive, and thrive.

Create a Masterplan

After you’ve examined everything in your surroundings, you’ll need to devise a plan for going ahead within these constraints.

If you work at home and are unhappy in your present workplace, try simple changes such as purchasing a new chair or upgrading your lighting to improve your condition. Alternately, relocate your office to a different room for a change of environment. If your children are participating in remote learning, check if you can hire a nanny or organize a cluster to let someone else supervise them. If it isn’t feasible, make a timetable to assist your kids in getting as much set up as possible before school begins, so there are fewer disruptions during the day.

Also, consider methods for increasing your motivation to complete tasks. That might include using services that allow you to join up to provide a remote working partner to join you on a video chat for a concentrated block of office time. Alternatively, you may select an area of your work where you want to learn and develop. Instead of focusing on “just getting by” in all of your work, choose at least one project where you will hit it out of the park, produce excellent work, and push yourself. Choosing a flex project that will take a little more work may help you break free from the “minimum viable” mindset and rekindle your enthusiasm for what you are doing.

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Take Care of Your Body

Don’t stop looking after yourself. Consuming a lot of sweets or a bottle of wine every night may seem to gratify at the moment, but they are unhealthy choices in the long term. Instead, positively change your neurochemistry by engaging in simple activities that significantly impact your mental state, such as avoiding sadness and stress and getting adequate sleep.

Working out, being outdoors, practicing a creative activity, socializing with friends and family, joking, meditating, writing, attending a prayer ceremony, reading, and listening to music are some of the possibilities. These simple actions produce feel-good hormones, but they also help us avoid the sense of learned helplessness, which means that no matter what we do, we will not be able to change our circumstances.

Be Productive

If landscaping in your spare time seems attractive, take it a step further and embark on a do-it-yourself project. Fixing (or learning how to repair) everyday household items may be sufficient for you. After that, it will become clear that more than only the fluorescent lamp has to be replaced. The more time you put at home, the more you’ll realize how much work you have to accomplish.

You can even begin contemplating some of the excellent home remodeling ideas you’ve been putting off.  With all of your time on your palms, there’s no better time to start sorting through those odd tasks you’ve been avoiding. If this is how you want to spend your time, enroll in a DIY-related course to tackle larger tasks around the house.

We are living at a challenging period in the globe. But we’re sure that you’ll not only make it through but also come out much more potent than before. Use and re-use these strategies to remain motivated and forging ahead, even when things are difficult.

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