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Commercial Doors: What You Need to Know

Getting a quality commercial door is crucial to any business. Not only can the right commercial door make a building stand out aesthetically, but it is also helpful in ensuring that the business stays secure, functional, and efficient. As the name implies, commercial doors are specifically manufactured for commercial purposes: office buildings, stores, schools, manufacturing warehouses, and other industrial spaces. From the panels, the locks, the hinges, to the durable sliding door cavity units, commercial doors need to be built with higher standards and extra durability compared to residential doors.

Here, we discuss an overview of the different commercial door types:

Overhead Sectional Doors

These are considered to be the conventional doors for businesses since they are created with convenience in mind. These work with a controller that lifts them across the ceiling, keeping them safe and out of the way to ensure unobstructed entryways. These doors open up in a variety of configurations by retracting up or up and over a floor space, both allowing fast and efficient access to a building. They are often used in warehouses and garages.

Roll-up Doors

storage unit with roll up door

These rolling doors are typically constructed from interlocking high-quality metal slats that coil up above the door opening and around a drum to open and close. This makes these doors especially useful when space is tight and easy and compact door operation is required. An advantage of having this type of commercial door is that the steels slats, often made of stainless steel or aluminum, are engineered to last for a significantly long time and to withstand heavy usage with little maintenance. Oftentimes, the use of the horizontal space above the door is a deciding factor between using overhead sectional or roll-up doors.

Scissor Gates or Security Gates

These gates are practical, lightweight, and easy to use, and they are able to provide maximum security. They are made of heavy-duty steels that are riveted back to back. When opened, they look like a framework of interwoven diamond shape patterns. These gates are operated manually and can be stored discreetly when not in use. These security gates are preferred by commercial establishments such as banks and other related businesses as barriers or access control gates to close-off sections.

Fire-rated Doors

These commercial doors offer the same purpose of other service doors but are designed with fire-resistant materials. These doors are known as passive fire protection devices. They are built into structures to help prevent the fire from spreading all throughout the building and reduce fire damage.

Installing fire-rated doors correctly is a necessity to meet stringent government regulations. They are an important component of any commercial structure’s fire safety plan. Failure to adhere to the codes set by the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian standards when installing fire doors can result to penalties. Also, remember that there are different types of fire doors, and installation requirements vary between each of them.

Commercial doors and gates are important to protect businesses from unwanted intruders and damage. Getting the right door for your building is essential for higher business profitability and effectiveness.

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