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Commonly Overlooked Hazards in the Workplace

Creating a productive and efficient work environment is influenced by several factors. One of which is to ensure the facilities and everything in it is safe for everyone in the organization. However, there are some areas that tend to get overlooked. This happens because most are inclined to address potential hazards that present more serious consequences.

By identifying the hazards that are commonly overlooked in the workplace, you gain insights on how to properly address them.

Failing to Update Security Systems

When most of your concentration is in day-to-day operations, it is easy for tasks to move down your list of priorities. Small to medium businesses are often guilty of leaving their security systems updates until the last possible minute. Some would even go as far as asking, “Why replace RASP,” when it’s still doing its job. This kind of mindset puts your digital data systems at risk of a security breach, cyber attacks, and information loss.

Failing to Prevent Common Accidents

Injury-inducing accidents such as slips and falls are often considered a bigger issue in high-risk work environments. But these are just as likely to occur in an office building as they would at a construction site. Although resulting injuries are often minor, they can still lead to unnecessary downtime and disturbed timelines. This is because an injured employee will likely take a sick leave to rest and recuperate; leaving you with the task of finding a temporary replacement to pick up the work they left behind.

Failing to Repair or Replace Broken Equipment

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Broken or malfunctioning equipment cause unnecessary obstacles to accomplishing tasks. Something as simple as a faulty mouse can prevent an employee from meeting their deadlines. A regular maintenance check for office equipment is necessary to identify items that need to be repaired or replaced. Aside from missed deadlines, defective equipment can be the cause of preventable workplace injuries. Broken chairs can result in muscle strain which can make an employee miss work.

Failing to Plan a Safe Egress

There is no telling when disaster will strike. It is important for every organization to have a practical evacuation strategy for different emergency situations. Without these plans, lives at put at risk. When you’ve been occupying the same office space for a period, it’s common for exit routes to become blocked. Since these areas are unused, some use them to store boxes and other items that no longer fit in designated storage areas.

Failing to Update Employees on Changes

Your employees play a role in ensuring the safety of the workplace. When they are left in the dark regarding changes to the safety codes, security guidelines, and emergency procedures, they become a safety risk to the organization. Misinformation often leads to mistakes. When these mistakes are concerned with safety, they become more dangerous to the people and the organization itself.

As a leader in your organization, you are tasked with creating a safe environment for your employees. By educating yourself on commonly made mistakes, you are better prepared as identifying them in your organization.

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