Uncover how dental implants in Melbourne could be made to work for you

What are dental implants?

Dental implants in Melbourne are among the most durable and comfortable methods of permanently restoring one or more teeth which have been lost or irreparably damaged. It could be argued that this procedure is in fact the most efficient method in a number of ways. Conventional treatment for a missing tooth or teeth is typically either a dental crown or a bridge. Both of these methods fill in a missing space within a patient’s mouth in a similar way, by sitting on their gum line and effectively blocking the hole. These are still popular forms of cosmetic dentistry treatment, although patients who seek treatment often have to make several return visits to the practice over the length of their treatment. Dental implants, for one or more teeth, operate on a more structural level. By inserting a replica tooth root made of titanium alloy, a new tooth can be fixed in place permanently, and in such a way that it looks indistinguishable from a natural tooth, and feels the same too.

Single tooth implants


If you have lost a tooth, the best method of restoring it permanently and preventing any further damage to the surrounding teeth, is to seek out dental implant treatment. Many people out there however, are not necessarily entirely aware of just how bad having a single missing tooth can be. The social implications of having a visibly missing tooth can cause many people’s self- esteem and confidence to be knocked. Having a single untreated missing tooth can also result in serious long-term health ramifications, such as bone loss to the facial structure of a person. This happens particularly if the affected tooth is in the top set of teeth, as the unused and unstimulated bone tissue around the missing tooth is reabsorbed and dispersed over time. The results of this bone loss often make the person appear visibly older than their years, and can have a further damaging effect on their outward appearance and self-esteem. Hence, anyone who has lost a tooth – whether the loss has happened recently, or a considerable time ago – should contact a local, trusted provider of cosmetic orthodontics to begin treatment.

Single tooth treatment

Treatment for single tooth dental implants initially consists of a friendly, informal consultation. This lets the patient become aware of the basis of the implant process, and what results they can expect. This consultation also lets them have any queries or concerns they may potentially have answered by a certified professional. Following from this consultation, the practitioner may make an overall assessment of the existing oral health of the patient. This is an important factor in dental implant treatment, as if the patient’s jawbone or gums are not strong enough, then they may reject the implant. This is why the dentist will typically examine the patient for any signs of developing periodontal disease (gum disease) or gingivitis. Provided that nothing prevents treatment, the actual installation of the implant may then proceed. This involves surgically stripping back a section of gum where the affected tooth is, before making a hole directly into the patient’s jawbone. Within this hole, a titanium alloy socket is placed and left to bond within the patient’s jaw. After this, the implant is then fixed to the firmly embedded anchor point, and the patient can begin enjoying their new smile.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

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