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Companies Embracing an Environmental Approach

We are now in the midst of the melting glaciers, the amazons burning and the rapid extinction of wildlife. This world is becoming a ball of finite resources, exposed to the blazing sun with people being unapologetic with their actions.

Many people do care and have done some major lifestyle changes like using NZ eco bags, recycling materials and stopping the use of plastics in their homes. But some individuals do not seem to care about the global crisis that is burning right up under our noses.

Businesses are changing, too, and many multi-million companies decided to take action. In this article, we will be discussing these corporations and their efforts in saving the environment.


The proud producer of various shampoos, conditioners and many household products embraced their call to action by adapting to a sustainable operation. The company lives true to its “Sustainable Living Plan” that targets its supply chain, production, and sourcing.

The energy and water used for the three main aspects of their strategy are utilised efficiently with little to no significant impact on the environment. Unilever’s non-hazardous wastes are not disposed of in landfills. As recognition for their efforts, Unilever’s CEO was given the “Champion of the Earth Award” in 2015 by none other than the United Nations.


This Swedish furniture-maker stands tall in their advocacy of investing in sustainability practices. They obtain their wood from sustainable foresters and cotton from farms that we can meet the “Better Cotton Standards.”

What’s more, is that they invested in about 700,000 solar panels in their physical store. They previously announced their goal of being powered by renewable energy sources to 100 percent in 2012.


This technological empire first adapted their company’s mission of environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility in the 1960s. Their long-term energy efficiency success was recognised in the 1990s.

As of this moment, they advocate the use of smart buildings that utilise fewer resources, environmentally-friendly procurement process, and comprehensive water management for a holistic approach.


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This brand is known for its ambitious renewable energy sources and sustainability goals. What’s more, is that they continue to manufacture environmentally friendly products. However, the efforts mentioned above are incomparable to when they moved their North American headquarters from Seacaucus, New Jersey to Penn Station.

The new headquarters is LEED-certified and targets to minimise the need of various employees to drive. This initiative lessens the carbon footprint of each employee, making it a massive effort to be applauded.


Known to be one of the most significant IT companies in the world, their environmental efforts are one to watch as well. They boast a 70% adaptation of LEED certification for their workspaces, and they plan to achieve a “net-zero energy consumption,” reduce packaging and reduce water consumption as well.

The growing list of companies, organisations, and start-up businesses aiming for a green environment is a sign that there’s hope. These companies aim to raise awareness and is setting an example for all their loyal customers to do the same.

Whether it is by efficiently utilising water resources, minimising the consumption of energy or recycling stuff instead of being thrown away, we can all make a difference.

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