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Five Wedding Themes Every Travel-loving Couple Will Love

When two people are in love, it doesn’t matter where they will be married. They can say their “I dos” in the middle of a parking lot, and it will be as if they have a grand reception on top of the Grand Canyon. But if you do have the resources and the energy to plan a destination wedding, you can create a fantastic experience for you and your partner, as well as your guests.

Airport Hangar

You can contact a company that rents out private planes. They will have a fabric hangar where they store the planes and their engines. Ask if they have one that is not in use and if you can rent it for your wedding ceremony and reception. For a probably exorbitant fee, they might be willing to move mountains so that you can get what you want.
You can also look for abandoned airport hangars such as the ones found in Nicosia or the Floyd Bennett Field. Although they may be creepy at first, your event stylist can turn them into beautiful places where you and your partner will say your vows.

Overhanging Cave

Few places in this world can match the beauty and uniqueness of Ohio’s Ash Cave. It has a stunning waterfall inside the cave. At 100-foot deep, the cave is shaped like an amphitheatre. When you say your “I dos,” you’ll not only be surrounded by your loved ones but also by nature and greenery. This is perfect for outdoor-type couples.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to invite older people such as your grandparents to your wedding ceremony because the cave isn’t suitable for them. Maybe just hold another reception in a nice restaurant in town?

Safari Resort

beach destination

Ulusaba in South Africa is a popular destination for outdoor and nature lovers. But for many couples, it is also the destination for their wedding. Think about it: You can have your wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon in just one place. This is an exotic way to get married because you’re not only going to be surrounded by nature but with wild and probably endangered animals, too.

Peruvian Mountains

How does it feel to have an Inca-themed wedding? If you have a great interest in the citizens of the past—the Mayas, the Incas, and the Andeans—this is a great theme for a wedding. There’s probably nothing more unique than getting married by a shaman in the Peruvian Mountains. The venue is refurbished with designs from Andean culture. If that’s not enough, you’re also surrounded by nature and that dreamy foggy mist.

European Castle

Lake Bled in Slovenia is a popular tourist destination. It is also one of the most photogenic places in Europe. Couples all over the world can’t get enough of Lake Bled that they decide to get married in the gorgeous medieval castle on top of the cliff.

These five great ideas should give you options on where to hold your wedding. The logistics of preparing for these kinds of weddings may be more than you’re willing to do. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a unique wedding that you’ll remember for life?

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