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Construction Jobs in Utah Rose the Fastest in September

Construction employment in Utah rose 5% in September, as the industry added 4,700 jobs in the month, according to the Department of Workforce Services.

The overall job market in the state increased by an estimated 2.4%, with non-farm payroll reaching 35,100 since September 2016. The employment growth brought the existing number of people with jobs to more than 1.48 million. shares more information about this significant improvement in the industry.

Skills Shortage

While construction and industrial supply remains stable in Utah, companies have faced a need to fill job vacancies partly because not many people possess the right skill set for the position. Nate McDonald, assistant deputy director at the Department of Workforce Services, said that a skilled workforce served as one of the factors for companies that moved to Utah in the past.

However, the trend went the opposite direction as other industries, such as manufacturing, now face the problem of finding skilled laborers. For job hunters, many state programs allow you to acquire the needed skills for a specific role. Some organizations provide training for interested applicants.

State Employment

According to Carrie Mayne of the Department of Workforce Services, the labor market in Utah continues to expand despite the lack of supply for skilled workers. The monthly expansion of jobs in the state so far in 2017 reached an average of 43,700 roles.

Utah’s jobless rate in September also dropped to 3.4%, which is below the nationwide rate of 4.2%. An estimated 53,800 unemployed residents in the state have been actively looking for work in the previous month.

The increase in construction employment in Utah is good news for those who look for job opportunities in this important sector. On the other hand, a shortage of construction workers means more people should gain the necessary skills and experience to improve their chances of landing a job.

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