What Color Theory Teaches You About Makeup

In the world of fashion, trends come and go. The same is true for makeup. The palettes you see now are so different from what brands offered years before. It’s interesting to note that it takes years to decide on what palette to create next, what with several things to be considered.

As part of your journey to being an esthetician, you’ll learn about color theory. This is an important concept to learn from a professional esthetician certification school in Utah.


The idea behind good makeup looks is you choose the right colors to go together to create a certain look. You can go from a simple day look to a sensuous night look depending on your color combinations. You’ll also need to consider how each product works together, and how they will match the clothes of the person. Certification courses should teach you about analogous, complementary, monochromatic, and triadic combinations, for guidance.


There are three dimensions to color: the hue, chroma, and value. The hue refers to the color itself, while the chroma refers to the saturation of that color. Value, on the other hand, refers to how light or dark the color is. These three dimensions determine just how intense you want the color in a makeup palette to be, and how it works with other color choices. Though brands usually will not define their products by these three dimensions, they come up with user-friendly names for you to easily remember them by.

Going Against the Concept?

The idea behind color theory is that the makeup should go with what the person is wearing. For instance, if the person is wearing something luminescent, or perhaps warm colors, the makeup should reflect these characteristics. However, in real life, estheticians go against these concepts but would match qualities such as the hair color and skin undertone. And with the current looks you see on the runway, it seems like a great concept, right?

Being an esthetician teaches you about makeup looks and color combinations that will help you do your job later. Soak in all the information you can.

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