burglar with crowbar to break door to enter the house

Crime Prevention Through Home Security: What to Do

Crime prevention is often solely delegated to the members of law enforcement, but it should be noted that every citizen has a duty to keep their neighborhood’s crime rate at its lowest. It starts from childhood to adulthood: Parents are obligated to teach their children social propriety. Adults are expected to behave according to the law.

Homeowners should use deterrent methods to prevent petty burglary and keep their houses safe. There are, of course, the “common sense” home theft prevention tips, like making sure doors and windows are locked at night and when leaving the house, and properly storing any tools that can be used to assist in entry such as ladders and hammers.

However, there are many other methods you can keep your home safe and secure beyond what common sense dictates.

Install Motion Lights

Motion lights are among the cheaper options you can utilize to protect your house. These lights will alert anyone in your home or your neighbors of the presence of would-be burglars. Since the last thing any criminal wants is attention before performing the crime, these motion lights may be enough to stop them in their tracks and make them turn away.

Secure Windows

Keeping the windows in your Salt Lake City home secure goes beyond keeping the latch intact. With technological advancements, experts have developed ways to make windows bullet or shatterproof with different lamination finishes. Motion sensors can also be added for extra security.

Replace Traditional Locks with Smart Locks

door knob and lock

Smart locks are some of the best innovations created in terms of smart home gadgets. By replacing traditional locks with smart locks, you can go keyless as these can be controlled with a voice command or a press of a button on the mobile application created for smart locks.

Have People Check on Your Home

Homeowners who reside in tight-knit communities often know their neighbors well, or live close to friends and family. Those that you have close relations with can act as security teams, particularly when you are away on a vacation trip.

Take note that most burglars look for a sign of the presence of owners when scanning homes. So, what you can do is to ask close friends or family to house sit while you are away. Or, at least have them check on your home for any suspicious activities, so they can immediately notify the authorities.

Upgrade Home Security

By combining most, if not all, of the security measures available in the market, you can have a comprehensive security system that is capable of keeping your home safe and secure. You can have a perfected system by customizing security measures to the needs of your house and family. This security system will be able to provide you with 24-hour protection, guaranteeing your family a good night’s sleep.

Crime prevention should be one of the top priorities of every homeowner. By installing preventive measures, you secure a future where you do not have to worry about having to live through a sense of violation and loss.

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