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Testing Time: How to Prep for Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

You are the star of your own wedding, which is why you should make an effort to look your best during this very special day. All eyes are on you and your significant other, and of course, you want your wedding gown, wedding place in MN, hair, and makeup to be perfect!

Every bride wants their hair and makeup to look flawless during their wedding day, which is why most of them ask their makeup artist for a hair and makeup trial before the wedding itself. This is usually scheduled months or weeks before the actual wedding day and below, we will discuss what you need to think about before sitting down for the makeup trial.

Grab Your Makeup Kit

If you are quite picky with the products that you use on your skin, then you might want to bring your makeup kit with you during the makeup trial. For example, if you are particular with the primer or foundation that you use, then make sure to grab those and store them inside your kit. You can also bring your own makeup brushes and makeup sponge. Professional makeup artists usually sanitize their tools and makeup products before using it on a different client, but if you want to use your own tools, then it would be best to bring your own.

Look for Inspiration

Wedding photo albumIf your wedding has a theme or you have a very specific makeup look in mind, then you might want to prepare for it in advance by looking for inspiration online and saving those on your phone. Show it to your makeup artist before they leave for the appointment so they can prepare for it beforehand.

Tell Them What You Don’t Like

If you’ve had your makeup done by another person before, then chances are you already have a list of what you like and what you don’t like when it comes to having your hair and makeup done. Make sure to describe each detail to your hair and makeup artist so they would avoid what you do not like during the trial (and the big day, of course). You can describe this in a nice way, of course, as you would not want to offend the artist in any way.

Don’t Put Makeup or Hair Products Beforehand

Avoid putting makeup or hair care products before having your trial makeup done. Your makeup artists would want to start the process off by cleaning your face and making sure that they will start with a clean base. Your hair should also be clean, shampooed, and conditioned before the trial so they would not have a difficult time styling it. Additionally, this will also help you and the artist save a lot of time, as removing your makeup and cleaning your hair once again can take a couple of minutes.

Having your hair and makeup trial done months or weeks before the actual wedding will definitely make you feel excited and hyped up for the big day. Best of luck and may you achieve the makeup look that you are dreaming of!

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