Dear You: Why It Is Time to Wear That Apron and Start Cooking

For most people, they would rather dine in their favorite restaurant, order takeout, or wait for their loved one to cook for them. Some would say they are too tired or lazy to cook, considering all the activities they had to finish all day. Some dislike the fact that cooking takes a lot of work, from the selection of ingredients up to the cooking and cleaning up. But as for others, they have a fear of cooking, also known as mageirocophobia.

We often have varying excuses just to avoid cooking. But little do most people know that cooking can benefit us in more ways than one. It can be a great stress reliever, help you deal with depression, and boost your creativity. If all these perks are still not enough, then the following reasons might just change your mind.

Cooking Can Be a Great Bonding Activity

Cooking is an activity one can do alone, with a partner, or as a group. When you prepare and cook meals with the family, this gives everyone the chance to experience firsthand how each meal is cooked with love and care. Everyone will learn how to appreciate the process involved in cooking meals. Even picky eaters can make healthier choices if you can encourage them to cook meals with you.

If one of your kids has food allergies, it is not enough that every capable adult knows how to seek help from your trusted pediatric allergy doctor. It becomes a must that everyone knows how and what food to prepare to avoid triggering your little ones’ food allergy. As every family member becomes involved in the care of one another, the family grows closer and the bond grows stronger.

It Is Indeed an Effective Aphrodisiac

Remember that saying your grandma must have told you? The one that means the best way to attract men is by impressing them with your cooking skills. As it turns, many people agree on the notion that people can look more attractive if they know how to cook good food.

These days, there is an increase in the number of males who want to learn how to cook. Some already started cooking and became good at it. The reason is that more men now consider themselves as “gastrosexual.” This is the term used to describe men who make use of cooking to seduce other people.

We can thank famous male chefs for inspiring men to start cooking. High-profile celebrity chefs make cooking look cool, entertaining, and innovative. They sparked many men’s interest in the kitchen, but not necessarily in other household chores. This only goes to show that cooking can indeed, nurture the heart while satisfying the stomach.

It Is a Great Act of Self-care and Self-love


When you cook for yourself, you will want to eat something you will actually enjoy. You are treating yourself to a nice hot meal that you know will enjoy. This will make you happy, thus giving you more reasons to smile and look forward to cooking again soon.

When you cook for yourself, you take time to plan what you’re cooking, be careful with the ingredients, and cook meals that are good for your health. Since you know every single thing that goes into your food, you become aware of what you’re putting inside your body. This helps you eat more nutritious meals that can aid you in achieving your health goals. This can also mean being kind to your waistline while giving your confidence a boost.

Cooking can also be a healthy way to physically detach yourself from your demanding job. It may seem like cooking is more of a chore than a hobby. But the fact that you’re giving your brain a break and physical detachment from your everyday stressors, it helps calm your mind.

Did you know that cooking and enjoying the food you cook with your loved one can boost the production of your good mood-regulating hormones? As it turns out, cooking will not only help you attract the person you like. It can also trigger your happy hormones, thus boosting your mood and making you feel excited. This is since some foods are known to affect your hormone levels. When cooking with a loved one, make sure you choose your food wisely to maximize its effects.

This list only goes to show that cooking should be considered more as a hobby than a chore. Sure, you may need to cook just so you and your family can eat. But if you look at it from another angle, the benefits you can enjoy from cooking are tremendous. The next time you’re feeling blue, want to wow someone, or simply want the family together, choose your kitchen as your next stage.

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