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Is Motherhood Stressing You Out?

Being a mom is one of the most challenging jobs out there, and no words can even begin to explain the difficulties they face and the challenges they overcome on a daily basis. It takes one to know one, and I think we can collectively agree that mothers are modern-day superheroes in the flesh.

So to raise awareness of the struggles of motherhood, we’ve decided to list some of the most common sources of stress and why they happen. And, we hope that by the end of this read, you’ll be more understanding of all mothers and learn to lend your mom a hand when she needs it most.

Stress Begins To Stack Up

Firstly, stress operates differently in the realm of motherhood. Instead of dealing with these stressors one challenge at a time, mothers are forced to become superstars of multi-tasking. They have to juggle multiple responsibilities and can’t afford to let one thing slide, or else everything will start to crumble and break apart.

As expected, this level of focus taxes the mind and takes a toll on the body, causing stress to stack up and amplifying its negative impacts. And as a result of their hard work, vigor, and determination, they also carry a substantial burden that they can’t be easily shaken off with a good night’s rest.

Everyone’s Stuck At Home

Secondly, since families are bolted down to their houses, the number of work mothers have to take has more than doubled. And, in light of this pandemic parenting, our stuck-at-home superheroes are pushed beyond their limits, and most of the steam generated from hectic days starts transforming into negative emotions.

Most, if not all, moms are now handling 80-hour workweeks where they have to stay on schedule with their quotas, manage the household, and all the while keeping track of their parenting responsibilities 24/7. What’s worse, the situation goes from bad to worse when handling younger kids and toddlers who tend to throw tantrums and cause a lot of mess.

Indulge In Some Me Time

So to combat the pressures of your career and stresses of motherhood, we would like to remind all the moms out there to please indulge in some much-needed me-time. While we do recognize you as modern-day superheroes, even the greatest of people deserve a break, and that includes you.

Of course, you might have your worries about not having enough time, missing out on some critical deadlines, or ruining your schedule. But to that, we say – you’re just human! Compounding responsibilities, again and again, will only do you worse in the long run, so take our advice and grab the opportunity to relax.

#1 Pamper Your Body

Number one on our list is a good pamper session. If your kids get rewards after eating veggies or finishing their homework, then the same should apply to you! So draw up a list of things that your body is craving and cross them off one by one. If you can afford the full spa experience at home, then, by all means, don’t shy away.

  • Get A Massage: A massage is one of the pillars of a good pamper session. It isolates tense regions of the body and releases them to bring you that relaxation. And if you do a lot of carrying and moving at home, then you’re sure to have a lot of them. However, suppose you feel some unusual amount of pain in certain parts of the body like your feet. In that case, we suggest you get them checked out by a licensed foot specialist or any medical professional for that matter.
  • Do Some Yoga: If you want something more active, a great way to treat your body with some relaxation is by engaging in some yoga sessions. Yoga will also help release any tense muscles that have built-up due to stress and can improve your flexibility while you’re at it.

#2 Redirect Negative Energy

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Number two on the list of things a mom should do to destress is redirecting any negative energy. Feeling angry and having some negative thoughts are a natural consequence of too much stress, but harboring them and not addressing them will only hurt you. So find an alternative to blowing off some steam that will clear up any negative feelings clouding your mind.

  • Pick Up A New Hobby: From painting to crafts, there exists a wide variety of hobbies and skills you can pick up while at home. These new hobbies will serve as your go-to safe space, and you can link them with the idea of unloading stress to make them even more useful.
  • Start A Personal Project: If you’re more of the goal-driven type of mom, why not start a personal project? You can try out some redecoration at home, indulge in some creative work, or maybe try on some DIY ideas around the house. These will help keep your mind off negative thoughts and provide a feeling of satisfaction.

Remember, Destressing Is Important

Overall, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve learned our lesson and understand the difficulties of motherhood. However, we should never blindly accept resiliency, and also admit the significance of taking a break. So if you know anyone who needs to read this right now, then feel free to share this with all your mom friends!

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