Dent Be Gone: DIY Panel Beating for Small and Shallow Dents

Car dents in AucklandCar dents are unsightly, even if you’re the only one who can spot it. There’s that unsettling feeling and you want them fixed as soon as possible. Depending on the size and type of the dent, you might have to take your car to a panel beater to assess the damage. Alternatively, if it’s tiny enough that you think you can take it on by yourself, here are some DIY suggestions that might help you get the job done.

The Critical Considerations

Before attempting to perform a DIY panel beating, you should look at the extent of the damage in your panel. A DIY may be ideal if you know the methods used for shallow and small dents and on relatively flat surfaces. If you’re dealing with lines, creases, or ripples on the dent, it’s better to consult professional panel beaters in Auckland or wherever in NZ. After all, relying on professional expertise is better than those tips you read online.

DIY Panel Beating for Tiny Dents

If your car’s dent is shallow and small enough, such as a dent from a stone, you can attempt to tap it back to shape. You can use a hand toilet plunger, but only if the dent doesn’t have creases. You have to use the plunger to apply pressure slowly and gently on the top until it falls back into shape. This isn’t practical for corner dents, but handy on flat panels like the bonnet, boot, roof and doors.

Another DIY dent repair technique is the use of a rubber mallet, towel, and block of wood. This is ideal for bigger dents that a plunger can’t accommodate on boot, roofs and bonnets. Wrap an old towel completely around the block of wood and make sure that it covers all sharp edges. Otherwise, you’ll cause more damage to your car. Begin by placing the covered block of wood against the dent’s underside and then gently tap it using the rubber mallet until the dent disappears.

Unless you have the experience and the proper tools, even a simple-looking dent could be more serious. Attempting a DIY panel beating might do more harm than good or worse, cost you more.

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