Office Safety 101: Eliminating Safety Hazards in Your Office

Safe OfficeSafety should be the topmost concern in every workplace. Even in office settings where employees do most of their tasks while sitting down, you shouldn’t discount health hazards that might be present. Here are some pointers to reduce injuries to your employees and make your office accident-free:

Mind the stairs

High-traffic areas like staircases can pose dangers to anyone, especially if there are no safety precautions implemented. An employee can trip, slip, or fall and suffer injuries. Active Metal reminds to make sure that your office staircase design should comply with safety regulations, from the wall-mounted handrails to the width of the steps.

Sweep the pantry

Another area that may have several health hazards is the pantry. Unchecked spills and leaking pipes may cause accidents and even damage to your office. Be mindful of fire and electrical hazards as well, like appliances cords. The last thing you want to happen is a fire breaking out in your office.

Be ergonomic

Even when your employees don’t move around that much or their tasks don’t involve strenuous activity, you have to consider investing in ergonomic office furniture. For example, prolonged sitting on a chair without good back support may cause pain and discomfort. This might even need medical attention. By improving the furniture they use, you eliminate the possibility of your employees getting sick or injured in the long run.

Cut the clutter

Lastly, get rid of the clutter. A messy office place makes it for accidents to occur. It’s simple: Reorganise boxes and drawers, move heavy objects from pathways, and avoid stacking materials high. Use labels as well to mark objects and equipment that need special care when using.

Even if you’re not aware of it, every workplace may have health hazards that endanger your employees' health and well-being. It’s best to conduct safety inspections regularly to remove these hazards and keep the workplace safe and productive.

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