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Design Dilemma: Decorating Your Home Without Overspending

home decorYou want to make your home reflect your personality as much as possible. After that costly construction, however, there’s not much room in the budget to go all out with your interior decoration. Fortunately, you can still customise your new home without making too many compromises.

Choose The Right Materials

You can find every décor you want at a lower price by choosing less expensive materials. Don’t worry, just because an item is not pricey does not automatically mean that it is of a less quality or less sturdier. High-quality wooden shutters, for example, are not as expensive as automated ones, but they are just as beautiful and can protect your windows better through harsh weather conditions.

Use What You Have

You don’t have to buy art to make your walls more interesting. Paint your own masterpiece. Find a beautiful photograph online and have it blown up through engineer prints. Even arranging your furniture a certain way can add aesthetical appeal to your home without having to buy any extra decors. Having an eye for design can help you highlight the things you already have and arrange them in a way that complements your room’s layout.

Make Your Own Decors

Aside from doing your own artwork, you can also add colour and design to your current furniture. Repaint or reupholster old furniture you may have found in flea markets. Paint over low cost frames you buy in craft stores. Use painter’s tape to add patterns on your wall. Collect rugs and fabrics from your travels and turn them into wall accents or sofa throws.

It’s important that you do invest in making your house feel like home. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of money for this task. You can make the most out of a modest budget with a bit of imagination. You can always add to your home and redecorate when you have the most time and resources for it.

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