Kitchen sinker

Home Construction: What Every New Kitchen Needs

Kitchen sinkerThe bedroom, living room, dining room, and bathroom are the basic components of any house. When you are starting to plan for your dream home, these are the areas you pay much attention to.

But perhaps one of the most important sections of any house is the kitchen. After all, this is where you prepare the entire family’s meal. So, when you are building your kitchen, what are the basics that you need in it? Perry Plumbing shares a few of them below.

The Stove

The kitchen is where you cook food. Naturally, the process of cooking needs heat. And you can get a reliable source of heat from a stove or range. Though you can explore ovens and grills later, the stove comes as the basic cooking appliance. There are two types of ranges: gas and electric. Both have their pros and cons in terms of overall heating, installation and maintenance, as well as economical costs. If you are looking to expand on ovens, most ranges today feature built-in ovens as well.

The Sink

Cooking will involve a lot of washing, and the use of water. You need a sink. While for the stove you may have the seller of the appliance install it for you, for the sink, you need to hire plumbers for it. Plumbing is a messy business, so let the professionals do their work.


You will need a cupboard, or a cabinet –anything that you can use to store your ingredients and other foodstuff. Make sure that this cupboard will be easy to reach for you and your family, but also safe from intrusion of pests such as roaches and rats.

Utensil and Tool Rack

Apart from the cupboard to store all your foodstuff, you will also need a rack to hang your utensils and other tools after use – especially when drying them out after going through the dishwasher.


Though not necessary, a counter is especially useful if you like to cook, and anticipate a lot of cooking for many people in the near future. You will appreciate the more spacious workspace.

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