cleaning dirt window type aircon

The Differences of Fixing Window-Type and Central ACs

cleaning dirt window type airconAir conditioners are beneficial when the heat is unbearable. It keeps people comfortable enough so they could carry out their indoor tasks without the risk of heat stroke or dehydration from excessive sweating. In fact, an AC is instrumental in providing the right level of temperature for a good night’s sleep.

Given this, an AC needs regular maintenance so it could perform its job properly down the line. Hartman provides a few things to know about AC maintenance and repair.

Size and Specs

Repairing an air conditioning unit involves numerous processes, depending on the type of problem, model and design of the air conditioner and its technical specifications.

Any repair service involved in the HVAC sector will tell you that a malfunctioning window-type air conditioner is easier and cheaper to fix, compared to a central air conditioning system. This is because the latter is obviously bigger and more complicated in terms of design and structure.

Repair Process

The first sign of air conditioning malfunction is the considerable reduction in cool air from the AC. While you can do some fixing yourself, for larger issues you need to call for professional backup.

Here are the DIY steps for AC maintenance:

1. In the case of window-types, thorough cleaning often leads to the desired results instead of extensive repairs. For this, you need a screwdriver, washing detergent, warm water, vacuum cleaner, bleach, heavy brush and a fine comb to clean out your AC thoroughly.

2. After removing the grill of the AC, locate its mesh filter that cover the evaporator coil’s fins and remove it. Wash it using warm water, a tiny bit of bleach and detergent. Keep shaking the filter to eliminate excess water and leave it out for drying.

3. Vacuum out the coils of the evaporator and use the heavy-duty brush to eliminate any dirt that remains on the coils post- vacuuming.

4. Brush the fan blades to dislodge accumulated dirt, and then vacuum them when they are loose.

The process of repair in central air conditioning units is more complicated and laborious. This is because of the unit’s size and capacity. There may be problems in the cooling tower or in the main motor, and this needs looking up individually. Central AC units also have multiple ducts that may require cleaning to let the cool air out into the rooms.

As you can see, AC repair depends on the specs of the AC unit installed in your home. Normally, though, homes just use window types, while larger buildings use a central unit. Call a professional for the latter and do not try to repair it yourself.

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