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Don’t Run Amok on a Hammock: Choosing a Yoga Hammock for Aerial Yoga

Yoga RoomAs people become increasingly aware of the need for exercise, many new methods and techniques of exercise emerge. One such new technique is the anti-gravity or aerial yoga. This new form of exercise is a unique blend of traditional yoga, aerial art and Pilates, performed on a hammock.

Proponents of aerial yoga believe that it offers a full body workout, and a large number of people have an anti-gravity yoga hammock at home for their daily exercise routine.

Why Anti-Gravity Yoga?

For a new exercise routine, here are some reasons why you should add anti-gravity yoga into your daily routine:

Aerial yoga can have the same spiritual uplifting factor as the traditional techniques of yoga.

Exercising on the hammock minimizes injuries even while attempting complicated techniques.

Aerial yoga is a fun way to relieve yourself of stress and anxiety that can accumulate. It can help you start your day feeling relaxed and peaceful.

Choosing a Yoga Hammock

When choosing a hammock for anti-gravity yoga, keep in mind a few things:

Consult an expert if this is your first time buying a hammock. Buying a hammock ideal for your workout ensures your safety while exercising.

Consider the size and length of the hammock you require. Adults exercising on small hammocks may be dangerous.

Make sure that the material of the hammock is strong, especially since you will exercise using it. To use the hammock outdoors, find a hammock made of a material that can resist harsh weather conditions.

Consider the weight the hammock can support, especially if your children will use the hammock simultaneously with you. You may require rigging up the hammock with stronger support so it could bear the weight of multiple people.

It is easy to brand anti-gravity yoga as a fad, but since its inception in the 1990s, it has consistently helped people deal with health struggles, especially back pain and spinal issues. And, even if you do not have these problems, yoga can immensely benefit your health and your mind.

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