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Do Not Forget About These Post-shower Rituals

The bathroom can be a place where you relieve yourself of any discomfort. It can also be a place where you can clean and pamper yourself. No place can be more private. In addition to doors, some even have shower doors or curtains that serve as a barrier for the splashes of water, but they can also be for additional coverage and peace of mind. Coming in and doing whatever deed you need to do are something that naturally occurs in every person. But sometimes, we get so used to the routine and miss some of the small yet important details.

Here are some things that you can do after taking a shower that can help keep the bathroom an inviting place to be in. You may have other people in your house that will come and use it after you are done. So it would be a nice gesture to leave it to them in good shape.

Check the Drain Cover Before Leaving

Stepping under the showerhead and letting the water droplets hit your head and your body is a relaxing activity for many. It feels great to have all of the dirt get rinsed away. It is also a great way to cool yourself down during warmer days. You scrub through all of the parts of your body, so it is just natural to have stuff fall off, particularly your hair.

But long strands of hair especially clog the floor drain real fast. When you are done freshening yourself up, do the right thing by checking on that and see if there is a clump of hair stuck to it. If you see some there, pick it up with a paper towel and dispose of it. You want the floor to dry as quickly as it can, and a clogged drain would not help that cause.

Rinse the Floor and the Walls

When you lather yourself with soap and shampoo, there is no knowing where they get splashed on. You most likely also have your eyes closed for fear of getting soap in them. There could be a good amount of suds spread on your walls.

Even though the floor may be subject to a lot of water flow, do not count it out. It may have a lot of soap residue, which can cause the surface to become slippery. This can be dangerous. Dried-up bubbles can also leave weird marks. After you are done with your shower, make it a habit to rinse off the walls and the floor to be sure that they are clear of soap or shampoo. This will make the bathroom a lot safer.

Double-check the Faucets

check the faucet

Some people get bothered by the sound of water drips late at night. This can be especially bad when you have already settled yourself and ready to go to bed. You would hate to get up and tighten that faucet to make sure that it is shut. How can something so trivial be forgotten? Well, whenever you open your faucet, the sound of splashing or flowing water could envelop the room. When you are in this environment, you do not notice the subtler sounds.

Basically, you would have to ask for all the things to quiet down before you hear the sound of dripping water. A lot of people do not want to spend time on that, and that is one reason it is being neglected. Double-checking the faucets should fix this. Make that part of your bathroom routine.

You need to be clean and comfortable. The bathroom allows you that luxury, but it can only be as good as the people who are using it. Be the one that keeps it neat and tidy, and the others shall follow.

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