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Turning Your Home Into a Fortress

With all the uncertainty surrounding the world today, it’s no surprise that many people are considering stronger measures to protect not only their health but also their homes. While the Federal Bureau of Investigation says that property crime is generally in decline, there were still almost 8 million cases in 2015. That’s also why many people continuously find ways to improve their home security.

If you’re considering ramping up defenses, here’s how to turn your home into a fortress and protect your family in the process:

Fortify doors, windows, and all entry points

Every entry point is a possible target. When Reader’s Digest interviewed a home security expert, they were surprised to find out that 34 percent of burglars actually use the front door to access a home. In many of those instances, it wasn’t even locked.

Doors have to be made from stronger materials, able to withstand a mere push. Burglar bars are also a smart addition. Use locks that have a reputation for security, reliability, and relative ease of use. Here’s a list of the best door locks made by The Spruce to help you pick what’s right for your home.

Windows can also be a target, since they’re most likely, at least in part, made with glass. There are many thin-film glass protectors that prevent them from shattering. This is especially important when working with first-floor windows. You can also go with clear polycarbonate plastic instead of glass. They’re highly impact-resistant compared to the alternative.

Fortify fences and property walls

Although a white picket fence certainly has its appeal, it does almost nada for security against intrusion. Concrete walls, on the other hand, have a very imposing structure that can deter even the thought of breaking in. They are an investment but considering what you stand to lose, they pay for themselves.

The fact that intruders can’t see through walls compared to fences, will also decrease the likelihood of their intrusion. Who knows what else they may encounter inside?


Fortify the yard

You probably can’t build a moat surrounding your property, but what you can do is get a dog. A well-trained barker can instill fear in the intruders even before they set foot near your property.

Nothing can deter intruders more than a security camera. According to The Guardian, burglars lose interest in a house when they see one of these. If you do invest in a CCTV system, make sure that they’re out of reach but still visible.

Lights work best in tandem with other security features. Some strong and well-placed lighting can multiply the security rating of your home when other features are also present.

Fortify the Home

One of the best security solutions is a modern security system. A system that’s complete with timed digital locks and a 24/7online accessible security feed is a great defense against intruders. Here’s a list for you to choose from.

Most of these systems also automatically notify authorities in case of a break-in. When that happens, all you have to do is wait for the police to arrive while secured inside your panic room.

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