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Epoxy vs. Concrete Sealer: Which is Better for Your Garage Floor?

Garage FloorYour garage floor needs tender loving care; otherwise, it might require a costly restoration job. You may use floor paint, sealers, stains or coverings as a means of protection.

Coverings are more expensive and coatings are more friendly to the purse. You may even apply the coating products yourself and save on labour costs. When you want to narrow down your choices, decide between epoxy paint and concrete floor sealer.

Epoxy paint

While some scoff at the inadequacy of coatings, know that there are two reasons why they disappoint homeowners. First, the preparation is insufficient. Second, you apply the product to damp concrete.

Avoiding these traps will save you from heartache. Prepare the floor carefully and make sure the concrete is dry so that a high grade epoxy paint will not fail.

An epoxy floor coating is not only tough and reliable; it also transforms the garage into a bright, modern and professional-looking area. Residential and commercial settings use epoxy, and you don’t have to settle for dull colours since there is an array of tones and colour flakes at your disposal.

Concrete sealant

Choose concrete floor coatings if you want something tough. When you’re partial to tints, buy a product that offers the kind you prefer. Other sealants provide a clear satin finish when dry.

While epoxy is tougher than latex or acrylic sealers, you may still go with sealants and apply protective wax over it. Another product to consider is urethane sealer, which has a glossy finish. You have to learn how to apply it properly and safely. Be ready to spend more on a good quality product, as well.

Whichever you choose, spend your money wisely. Make sure you know how to apply the product and what preparatory activities are required.

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