Window Treatment: Why Install Interior Shutters in the Bathroom

BathroomPrivacy is an important factor in every bathroom. Fabric curtains and frosted glass may not be enough to keep people from peeking, so you may want to install an additional layer of security. This is so you can have peace of mind whenever you want to relax in the tub or take a quick shower.

Home information sites, such as HGTV and This Old House, and leading window treatment providers like noted that interior shutters are a good addition to any bathroom because:

They are Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Interior shutters have finishes that make them easy to clean. All you need is to use one damp and one dry cloth to wipe the surface. These shutters may differ in design, but many manufacturers today have been producing them specifically for bathroom use. As they’re waterproof, they won’t promote the growth of mould and mildew and keep your family safe.

They are Easy to Customise

Bathroom windows need not be traditional. If you have an oddly shaped window, renovating it may cost you more. Let interior shutters fit whatever space is available on your windows. Call professionals to have it measured, so you can decide what shape — circle, triangle, trapezoid, etc. — is suitable for the theme of your home.

They are Available in Different Designs

Interior shutters are available in many designs and they can go with any theme. You can either install them permanently or request for shutters that you can open, like those with bi-fold and sliding features. Some offer café-style shutters where they install only on the bottom part of the window and leave the top open for natural light. You can request a specific louvre width if you want better lighting without sacrificing privacy.

Shutters aren’t only for living areas and bedroom windows. In fact, you can use them in other areas in your home like the bathroom.

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