A flooded house

Essential Steps to Take After Flooding

Flooding can cause severe damage and culminate in a substantial financial loss. However, if you do not deal with the aftermath carefully, it can cause further loss and even personal injury.

Here are some of the things you ought to do after a flood in your house.

Stay safe

This should be the first step after a major flood. If the flood forced you to leave your home, then make sure that you are safe when returning. Ensure that the power is off to avoid electrocution. You should also be sure to wear your protective gear to keep you safe from any harmful chemical, falling objects, or sewage.

If the water level high to get to your fridge and food shelves, make sure you throw away such food; regardless of how clean the water may seem.

Take the photos

To get the right compensation from the insurance company, make sure that you take pictures or, better still, record the extent of the flood damage in your premises at Salt Lake City. Water damage expert AAA Restoration states that you should do this before you start doing any cleaning or repair.

Stopping and removing water

If flooding was because of a water source you can control such as a plumbing system, switch off the main water supply to prevent further flooding and damage. From there, assess the extent of flooding and the number of rooms affected. If the flooding is not severe, you can remove water using buckets.

Call the insurance company

Make sure you call your insurance company as soon as possible. They are likely to send one of their adjusters to assess and determine the extent of the damage. They will also advise if the loss has coverage under your policy.

Knowing what to do after your house floods can save your lives as well as shield you from massive financial losses. The above steps are meant to guide you on what to do in such an eventuality and hopefully, save you from incurring further damages.

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