A car being stolen

New Zealand Car Theft Affects Over 80,000 Kiwis

In its Counting Crime series, New Zealand Herald reported that no less than 400,000 Kiwis became victims of different crimes from July 2014 to December 2016. The newspaper also revealed that vehicle theft is one of the top five crimes in the country.

Within the same period, more than 82,000 people had experienced their vehicle broken into. It is possible these numbers are underestimated as some victims preferred not to report. For the researchers – and other experts – car theft is usually a crime of opportunity.

In other words, thieves happen to pass by your vehicle and saw it easy to steal. It could also be that yours is the most convenient one among the bunch they have been eyeing. As a car owner, the challenge is how to reduce these opportunities. A few steps you can take include the following:

1. Do not leave the items in full view.

It does not matter how cheap the item is. It is best to keep them as hidden as possible. Thieves can still go after an affordable bag, as they believe they are concealing the more valuable objects such as money and electronics.

2. Consider window tinting.

Having a tinted window does not only hide your valuables in plain sight, but it also prevents your car from being an easy target. Thieves cannot afford to spend time peeping through your glass and see what is inside. They are quick to spot, and looking in takes more time.

If you are looking for quality tinting, go for the master glaziers that also specialise in window tinting here in Wanganui. They can also repair all types of broken windows.

3. Keep the car in the garage.

Many Kiwis tend to park their vehicles on the street. While it is convenient for you, it is also equally convenient for car thieves. Based on the Colmar Brunton survey, at least 35 percent of car thefts occur on the streets while only 3 percent happen in garages.

You have every right to enjoy your property, but you also have an obligation to protect it. Do not let other people take what is yours without permission.

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