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Fashion Tips for Using an Anklet to Accessorize Your Outfit

Jewelry pieces have been around for ages. These can uplift even an ordinary looking outfit into an exceptional one. Unfortunately, simply including a piece of jewelry in your overall outfit will not do much to your look. Getting the piece put together with expertise is an essential element for the best look. Picking you jewelry from anywhere you will meet them might see you end up with a jewelry set full of cheap-looking pieces and pieces that dampen the look you struggle to put together.

Women’s gold anklets are a must-have for all fashion-conscious ladies. These are the most versatile pieces you will own and will match virtually anything. While rules in most cases are made to be broken, there are some style rules you are best sticking to when wearing an anklet. Here are some etiquette and fashion rules you should follow when wearing anklets.

Pick the Right Setting

In the past, anklets were considered mainly inappropriate for the workplace. Nowadays, the rules have changed, and anklets can now be worn with formal wear. Those with bells or clunky charms do not, however, belong to the workplace or quiet public areas. Simple chains are the best choices for uplifting your formal look without coming across as a joker. The chunky anklets with charms are best worn to the beach, poolside or festival.

Get the Anklet Positioning Right

You can wear an anklet on either of your ankles since there are no underlying meanings for wearing it on the right or left. You nonetheless should never be caught wearing anklets over your pantyhose since they are only meant to be worn on bare legs to show them off. Some people defy this rule and wear them under trousers. This is ok so long as they remain hidden. You can wear the anklet snug above your ankle bone or loosely below it.

Consider Your Outfit

Anklets should complement rather than clash with your footwear. They look particularly exceptional when paired with flip-flops, backless loafers, and sliders. Moreover, anklets look very chic when worn with a crop top and cropped jeans for a barbecue grill or a summer dress for your day trip. You can also add some sass to your beachwear by pairing an anklet with a crochet bikini.

Match Your Style

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Whatever anklet you choose to wear, ensure it matches your style. Age is, of course, one of the primary elements you should consider. This is because you would not want to pick a bracelet that leaves you looking like a confused teenager, yet you are a mature professional lady. For ladies over 30 and aiming to exude a professional and stylish look, for instance, simple thin metal chains are the ideal choices for making a serious yet elegant statement. Those seeking a bohemian look, on the other hand, should go for anklets with gems and tassels.

When worn according to the above fashion rules, anklets will score you serious fashion points. Fortunately, there are several types of anklets to match different outfits, styles, and settings. The perfect partner for your anklet when wearing open shoes is an exceptional toe ring, so make sure you get this as well.

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