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Light Up: Outdoor Design Plans for Your Home

The patio of your home is not just an extension. It is an important venue for bonding for your family. There are even occasions where you accommodate guests here; you even hold small parties here! It is your refuge when you escape from the vicissitudes of your daily life. Designing your patio may be always a consideration that you have in your list. You think that this place is kind of cute and already aesthetically pleasing. But look around; you might be forgetting something. Does it have a fireplace? If you say “Yes!”, now is the time to consider building one.

For some people, a fireplace may seem like a stretch for an outdoor area, such as a patio. However, that is not the case at all. It is actually essential, especially if you live in an area where it is chilly most of the time. An outdoor fireplace actually comes with a lot of benefits other than warming you up. It may double as a cooking area. It will help in increasing the resale value of your home. But adding a fireplace should be considered with creativity in mind. Below are some of the design ideas you may use if you want to build an outdoor fireplace.

Go for the classic: use bricks

You will surely be looking for materials that can stand the test of time—the type that can also look good as years go by. If this is your goal, you may want to use classic material choices, such as bricks. What’s good about bricks is that they come in different colors. With that, you will be able to create patterns. The differing colors also add texture and depth to the space. If this one’s too basic for you, why not consider stones, especially the larger varieties. You can ask your supplier of fireplace building services in Salt Lake City about the materials.

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Be a minimalist: Use the smooth textures

Speaking of textures, the automatic choice is the varied and dimensioned one, which is why people use bricks and stones. But if your goal is to showcase minimalism, it would be nice to use smooth textures. A smooth fireplace will stand out, especially if the surrounding environment is textured. You can do it by just smoothening the cement—that is if you want an industrial look. But if you want a clean look, plaster makes a good choice.

Consider an alternative

Who says that fireplace is supposed to be just confined against the walls? There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fireplace aesthetics, so consider alternatives. For one, have the fireplace built in the middle of the room. A fire pit is still a fireplace, right?

Building an outdoor fireplace may be something that you have overlooked in the past. But it is not too late to have it. It is not just an aesthetic addition to your home, as it will warm the place up! When designing your fireplace, it is important that you only work with reliable contractors.

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