Feel and Listen: What Your Driving Experience Says about Your Vehicle’s Condition

DrivingIt is easy to take some minor signs of problems for granted while driving, particularly if your favourite tunes are playing in the background. You enjoy the music, and you keep your eyes on the road. The question is, do you even bother to listen to your car and care about how it runs?

From now on, pay attention to your vehicle’s performance and condition to ensure safety on the road. Watch out for these signs to avoid the risk of an accident and all the inconveniences it can bring.

Wheel Alignment

Every mechanic would tell you that proper wheel alignment ensures smooth handling and a comfortable driving experience. It makes your tyres last longer and keeps your wheels pointed in the right direction, letting your car remain as efficient as it was when you bought it from the dealer.

So how can you tell if your wheels need an alignment? LRC Automotive suggests that you take your ride to the nearest repair shop when you hear or feel the following:

  • Squealing tyres
  • Uneven or rapid tyre wear
  • Crooked steering wheel when driving straight
  • Car pulling to the right or left

Brake Service

Your safety depends greatly on your brakes. Screeching sounds, pulsating brake pads, soft pedals and abnormal shaking or vibration are signs of serious problems. An experienced mechanic can tell what is wrong with your brake system or whether it needs repair or replacement.

Engine Tune Up

Stay attentive and watch out for even the smallest signs of engine problems. Have your car serviced if you notice the following:

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light
  • Frequent stalling
  • Rough idling or acceleration
  • Difficulty starting the car
  • Misfiring engine (may be due to a worn spark plug)


Does your vehicle get a bit clunky when you are shifting gears? Something might be wrong with the transmission system. It is better to spend a few hours in the service shop than endure the problem every day and risk your safety.

If you love your car, you will do everything to keep it looking good and running smoothly. It takes attentive ears and keen eyes to do this, so stay alert and resolve problems before it is too late.

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