Enhance Workplace Productivity with these Open-Office Plan Tweaks

Open Office

Companies are always looking for ways to increase productivity. Apart from incentivising performing employees, they are also looking into how introducing strategically devised open-office floor plans can boost overall employee productivity. Companies that wish to adopt this type of office plan may introduce these tweaks to not only positively affect worker productivity but improve the comfort levels of employees as well.

Small Spaces for Thinking

Employees will sometimes need space to shut out all the noise around them to focus on a plan or a solution to a problem. Office furniture providers, such as preceptdesign.com.au, recommend that companies create devoted thinking spaces for employees by positioning desks, walls and couches in such a way to prevent them from distracting one another.

No Predefined Seating Arrangements

According to an article published in Wall Street Journal, companies that allow their employees to use whatever workstation they want will boost collaboration and productivity in the workplace. In fact, flexible seating arrangements allow employees to find out where they work best. Furthermore, it allows charismatic employees to sit next to neighbours to help generate ideas, and allows quiet workers to move next to other unobtrusive colleagues, so they won’t get distracted at work.

Seating Alternatives

Some employees do not like to sit in the same seat all day. Thus, companies who wish offer seating alternatives may do so by providing kneeling chairs or yoga ball chairs. Other healthy alternatives that companies can explore include treadmill desks (letting employees “work out” while they work) and higher desks (so employees can stand while working). These non-standard choices get rid of the three o’ clock slump as well as increase energy levels.

Areas that Encourage Collaboration

Many people love the idea of working in a coffee shop because they enjoy comfortable furniture, the ambience and the sea of people. Companies can replicate this kind of social area by adopting more bench-like tables. Adding comfortable lounging areas can bring all sorts of interactions, from light socialising to intense brainstorming.

Creative tweaks in the office floor layout can keep employees more productive and even make them happier and healthier. In fact, great open-office plans can even promote creativity and collaboration. Google and Facebook, for example, are tech giants that have benefited greatly from adopting this layout.

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