Web Design Concept

First Impressions Last: Catching Your Visitors’ Attention

Web Design ConceptRegardless of the industry you belong in, a well-developed and well-executed design is an integral tool that will help you get and latch onto your clients’ attention. This works for your booth’s design when participating in events in East Grinstead meant to help businesses network their services.

This also works for your website. Whether you work alone or own a business, it is critical for your website to give off that professional vibe.

Impress your audience right away. Make them want to check out your site more and leave either having taken action (like making a purchase or inquiry) or with every intention of coming back.

Presentation Matters

The design of a website can make all the difference between gaining that much-needed advantage over the competition and making your potential customers leave, never wanting to return. As SEO experts from Magnify Creative say, ‘Branding is about getting your audience to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.’

The delivery of everything a site contains can either lead to greater traffic and conversion or business even slower than usual. Invest ample time and resources to designing your website, since you want to make sure your visitors’ first impressions are in your favour.

How Long Consumer Opinions are Formed

Missouri University of Science and Technology researchers say that people only need 2.6 seconds to have their eyes focus on something specific displayed on a webpage. They then form opinions. When the viewers’ object of focus appeals to them, positive opinions are created. Make them see something they do not approve of, and you can expect them to close that browser immediately.

Website Design is a Reflection of a Business

Conceptually, website design is the reflection of your business. It says a lot about your mission, vision and what you can actually offer your clients. It will influence the way your audience will relate to it and again, it can either be on the good or the bad side. So no matter what your brand is all about, use design as a major tool of expression.

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