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The Reasoning behind the Identical Looks of Porsche Cars

Porsche CarPorsche is one of the most prestigious, richest car companies in the world. They sold 189,849 units last year, so there’s no doubt about their popularity, too. Even though they have a reputation as an entry-level sports car maker, it doesn’t diminish the good work they do for the automotive industry. In fact, they are what’s good about cars: efficient, consistent, and builds with quality.

But, to many non-Porsche owners, they often wonder why everything they make look all the same. As an owner, you may ask the same question. Even their non-911 cars still have the same flat-front panel with the lights bulging out. The Cayenne, their SUV variant, have the same looks. The Carrera GT, Porsche’s second greatest supercar, resembles the 911 but only with slicker lines.

Even their 918 Spyder, the company’s stake at the hybrid hypermarket, still looks like the 911. You think they would spend money developing new aesthetics for their greatest creation, but no, they didn’t.

So, why?

Unrelenting Consistency

Jeremy Clarkson, the famous British loudmouth host, called the company’s flagship cars tired and lazy variants of the VW Bug. It irked Porsche enthusiasts the world over because to them, it meant consistency: 50 years of unbending loyalty to the same design. Though the 911 suffered a kind of identity crisis in its infancy years, it already had a signature look.

Otto Fuchs’s fuchsfelgen wheels, Erwin Komenda’s bodywork and Butzi Porsche’s style remain to be the standard for all Porsche cars. To many, it’s a bored look. But, those who know the company best know that they wouldn’t be this successful if they didn’t stick to the same design.

Authentic Design, Evolving Features

The most fanatic of Porsche fans even admit themselves that the current models are moving away from the half-century-old look. The front curves aren’t as pronounced as before, but the goopy eyes are still there. More importantly, it’s the biggest move Porsche made to address the aerodynamic concerns about the old 911 design. They stuck with it, but it didn’t mean it did right by the rules of aerodynamics.

The company knew that they had to move with the times, but retain the loyalty of their long-time followers. That’s why it still looks the same. But, as it’s the basis of their best cars, they work around its imperfections. Now, they have perfected the car so many times that it’s mechanically flawless. Every bulk, depression, cut and flare, even the chassis, engine, transmission and suspension work to make the most of the design.

It will be a dark day if Porsche decide to abandon their signature look. Many people will embrace it and many will shun it. But if there’s anything we can take about how Porsche builds their cars, it will still be as good.

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