Five Kinds of HVAC Maintenance You Can Do at Home

There are certain things that you can do to prolong the life of your AC. And you don’t always need an experienced mechanic for it. Just like car repairs, you can do maintenance work at home to keep your HVAC system working properly. This will help you save on energy bills as your system won’t be running more efficiently. Still, seek the help of an HVAC contractor in Salt Lake City if you think that you can do it all by yourself.

Here, we talk about some simple repair and maintenance work that you can do by yourself at home, with only basic tools at your disposal. The first thing that you should do to carry out HVAC system repairs is to cut power to the unit by flipping off the breaker. If you don’t have a breaker, remove the cable connecting to the unit.

Clean the filter

The air filter in your HVAC system does more than catch particles. It can also help or hinder the efficiency of your system. Without regular replacement, filters get clogged, which reduces your indoor air quality and puts a strain on your system. Check the filter to make sure that you can still see the light through it. When replacing the filter, make sure to pay attention to the direction that the air is flowing. Check if the arrows on the filter line up with the direction that air flows through your unit. Check your air filter once a month and replace it if necessary

Clean your home

Even though it’s not exactly maintenance work for the unit, cleaning your home can really boost your HVAC system. Debris and dust can block the airflow and will reduce cooling or heating efficiency over time. This is not to mention that you might get respiratory problems. Make a habit of keeping your home clean, especially areas close to vents. Don’t let mold grow as the spores can spread all over your house via your central AC or heating.

Seal your house

You can easily seal your home using basic tools. Outdoor air can get in your rooms through gaps and cracks around doors and windows. This can create a draft, rendering your HVAC system ineffective. Use weatherstripping to seal any gifts or cracks that develop. Survey your entire house and identify areas with poor insulation, which can affect temperature control and reduce efficiency.

Rinse the condenser coils

HVAC system at home

Take a garden hose and rinse off the condenser coils with a gentle stream. Let the water flow through the coils until it looks like all the dirt has been rinsed off. Then, spray off any debris that you see on the outside. The fins on the unit are very fragile, so handle them gently. If you come across any bent fins, they can be carefully straightened out using tools such as a butter knife.

Flush the drain lines

Condensation from usage leaves the HVAC system via designated drain lines. Over time, various kinds of mold, algae, and bacteria can grow and clog the outflow of water in these pipes. Pour a mixture of hot water and bleach down the drain lines to unclog these lines.

Keeping your HVAC first and well-maintained will save you money in the long run. Therefore, take a weekend off, and make a DIY day out of doing regular maintenance work.

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