Four “Sky-High” Buildings in Terms of Construction Cost

Most Expensive BuildingsConstruction projects can be as lucrative as they can get. Provided that architects and engineers are willing to stretch known boundaries, buildings can fetch for sky-high amounts. This is why tools like construction estimate software are valuable assets. But for the sake of curiosity, here’s how much money it took to build some of the world’s most iconic structures, both modern and ancient.

Burj Khalifa: US$1.5 Billion

The world’s tallest building stands at a full 2,723 feet from base to tip and tips the money scales at $1.5 billion. Some may find this pricing odd, however. This is due to the extreme austerity measures that contractors employed: the 10,000-12,000 workers who toiled on the Burj made less than US$10 a day. Experts argue that for a tower this tall, the Burj needed to be as inexpensive as possible to be economically feasible.

The Great Pyramid of Giza: US$5 Billion

The Great Pyramid of Giza is much shorter than the Burj, but its construction price (adjusted for inflation) is anything but. Know that even with modern cranes, helicopters, tractors, and trucks, replicating the Great Pyramid is extremely tough due to its original construction plan. It involved workers assembling the pyramid from inside out, using a spiral ramp. This construction method alone puts the Great Pyramid’s price at US$5 billion.

Taj Mahal: US$1.018 Billion

India’s most iconic tomb is certainly priced in accordance to its grandiose. Built between 1632 and 1653, the Taj cost about 32 million Indian rupees. Adjusted for inflation, that is equivalent to £678.8 million, or about US$1.018 billion. It’s not easy to see why, since the Taj boasts of adornments of precious stones — the mausoleum itself is built entirely of marble.

Kingdom Tower: (Projected) US$1.2 Billion

Saudi Arabia’s proposed Kingdom Tower is planned to be taller than the Burj, at approximately 1 kilometre (3,280 feet). Yet, it’s supposed to be more inexpensive that Dubai’s skyscraper. At US$1.2 billion, the Kingdom Tower will feature a total of 200 floors. Construction is currently on the 26th floor and estimated completion is slated at 2020.

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