Four Types of Stunning Engagement Rings You Need to Know

Moissanite RingSealing the deal soon? Unless your partner has specifically mentioned a type of engagement ring, chances are, you will go for the classics. But there are many other beautiful engagement ring styles you can choose.

If you’re planning to put a ring on it anytime soon, shares the popular engagement ring designs you need to know: 

1. Rose Gold

Who says you have to stick with gold, white gold, and silver for your engagement rings? If your significant other fancies pink, this is a good option for The Ring. The band is made of pink gold. Its beautiful pink glow is both feminine and chic.

2. Square Bands

And who says rings are supposed to be round? Square bands are becoming increasingly popular because of its chic, modern vibe. You can decide on a single big stone or you can add smaller stones on the square band itself. Don’t forget, the square edges are not constricting to the fingers at all. In fact, they are as comfortable as round bands.

3. Vintage Rings

If your beloved is a fan of Games of Thrones or any medieval-based TV series or movies, consider checking out some vintage ring designs. Too ancient? Not at all, but there are also some slightly modern versions that feature art deco and Victorian designs. These rings look like they have been passed on from one generation to another, with the focus on timeless pieces.

4. Double Shanks

These two-band rings are just as dainty as they are elegant. It gives off a very “fashion-forward” vibe, but retains timeless beauty. The two bands meet to support a precious stone. Like other ring types, you can also add mini stones on the bands for added luxury.

How About the Stones?

As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But just like these modern bands, there’s no rule saying you need to stick with them. You can choose other gemstones for your engagement ring such as moissanite. It's a gemstone that was literally born from meteorites that fell to Earth. The natural ones are very rare. The majority of today’s moissanite are created in a laboratory, engineered to mimic diamonds.

If you’re shopping for engagement rings, do compare the cost of moissanite vs diamond, so you can determine which one best fit your budget and style.

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