Lofty Goals: Advancements in the Window Cleaning Industry

Window CleaningThroughout the years, people have seen the commercial window cleaning industry progress to deliver cleaner results and safer cleaning conditions for contractors. Action Maintenance & Construction Northwest reports that industry professionals can now rely on the quality of window cleaning materials. From enhanced buckets to more efficient cleaning tools, window cleaners are now well-equipped to deal with either big projects or small everyday touch-ups. Window-cleaning professionals should take note of these advancements to obtain the most value from the large selection of cleaning equipment available.

Tools of the Trade

Window cleaners should own a wide variety of professional equipment that is easy to use and carry, saves time, and cleans meticulously. To minimize the stress involved in this kind of job, the cleaning material should be lightweight and made from durable materials such as plastic, steel, or aluminum. For instance, some new buckets consist of powerful polypropylene and highlight bigger footprints and ergonomic grips for better carrying stability.

Get More Out of Cleaning with Microfiber

By keeping up to date on the latest developments in window cleaning products, you can easily search for the latest cleaning equipment and inform customers on the extra benefits of performance enhancing tools, such as microfiber.

This material can efficiently clean and finish glass with less cleaning solution and effort. Additionally, the extremely fine, small filaments in the synthetic fiber surpass the strength of ordinary fibers. The size of the fibers enables them to go deep into surface irregularities to catch germs and dirt as well.

The Right Approach Is Everything

Having a methodical approach to cleaning windows can also improve productivity and boost cleanliness. Window cleaners should have a comprehensive cleaning system composed of scrapers, buckets, washers, microfiber cloths, squeegees, and cleaning solution.

Aside from keeping these advancements in mind, window cleaners looking to enhance their skills in managing a profitable and efficient business should take advantage of industry events and resources. Professional window cleaning groups like the International Window Cleaner Certification Institute (IWCCI) and International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA) are provide valuable resources for safety standards, networking, and other essential industry updates.

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