Four Ways to Start Your Garden

Man busy watering his plants in the gardenGardening has good health benefits and when done at least twice a week, could help you lose weight. However, some people get intimidated to start and maintain a garden. With so many things to consider like plants, herbs, sprinkler installation systems in Utah, how can one start a garden? presents five ways to start your gardening journey.

1. Choose the Type and the Spot

Choose the type of garden you want, whether it's a vegetable, herb or flower garden. Flowers can grow perennially, those that blooms shortly but come back after a year. Or you can plant annual flowers that give the most color but must be replanted every year. Afterward, pick the spot where there is the right amount of sunlight. Place them in areas where you can easily see them so you can monitor your plants from time to time.

2. Check the ground and improve the soil

Remove the sod covering the area where you want to plant. Smoothen it with thick layers of newspaper. When the ground is ready, add 2 to 3 layers of compost, decayed leaves, dry grass or old manure. Leave them for a few months until it works its way into the soil.

3. Pick your plants

You could choose annual flowers, perennials, vegetables, or herbs. You may grow the plants, like lettuce, and sunflowers from seeds or opt to buy young plants. When buying young plants or transplants, make sure to check that the roots are healthy before planting them.

4. Water

Seedlings and new transplants need frequent watering. Once your plants are established, water your plants depending on the soil, climate and plant quality. Cover your soil with two inches of mulch to keep the water in and weeds out. Once your garden is set, keep watering when needed, pull out the weeds, and fertilize your plants. Sometimes all a garden needs is some TLC and water.

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