Travelling to London: Five Tips for Choosing Your Accommodation

A view of London at night London is the second most visited city in the world. Following Bangkok, London was home to 19.88 million international tourists in 2016, according to an article in The Independent. It is but fitting that the city has over 123,000 hotel rooms, not including the hostels, dorms, and short-term apartments. With so many options, how does one pick the best, yet affordable accommodation in London?

Here are five recommendations to help you choose the right hotel or unit.

1. Pick the Right Location

The right location is vital for your holiday. If you are booking a hotel for a holiday trip with the family, the location of your hotel must be near tourist spots, beaches, amusement parks and other destinations. You may also consider the hotel’s proximity to train stations, bus stops, shopping centres, and other important facilities such as hospitals.

2. Work Within Your Budget

Accommodation cost can take a huge part of your travel budget. Make sure to allocate a particular portion of your budget for accommodation, and work around it. Find a relatively inexpensive unit or hotel in London that is suitable for your family’s needs. If you have more than enough, you may opt to book a luxury room with full amenities.

3. Check the Space and Number of Beds

If you are using the room just to shower and sleep, space may not be an issue. However, if the hotel room plays a vital role in your vacation, choose the accommodation that has the right amount of space and the right kind of bed to fit each member of your family.

4. Find out If They Have the Amenities You Need

Also, make sure that the hotel has the amenities you need. Is there a gym, pool, Wi-Fi services or free breakfast? If these things are important to your stay, check if they are included or if there are additional charges.

5. Read Reviews of Your Choice Before Deciding

With all things considered, you may also want to read reviews of your chosen hotel. This will guide you in making a decision and help you enjoy your holiday.

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