Fun With Your Furry Friend: 3 Ways to Train Your Dog

HuskyPets are a lot of fun to have around the house. They’re cute and always ecstatic when we walk into the door; they give us unconditional love. When they’re not potty trained or they use our shoes and furniture as chew toys, however, then it’s not so pretty.

Every dog should be trained with the basics, and it’s the owner’s responsibility to teach them. You can send them to obedience schools, but part of the fun is bonding with your pup. Follow a few of these tips to train your dogs. You might need to buy some quality pet supplies online for some of them.

Avoid Screaming and Scolding

When your dog does something naughty like steal food from the kitchen counter, instinct will tell you to scold, hoping they won’t do it again. This doesn’t work with dogs very well. They will only wait until you’re away before they start doing what you have told them not to do.

Play with Your Pup

There’s a good chance your dog is overexcited when he sees you walk through the door. He misses you, yes, but it could also be because he’s bored all day and expects you to play with him. Playing with your dog will tire them out, increasing the time they will have to sit quietly and not cause mischief.

Reward Good Behaviour

Instead of scolding your puppy when he does something wrong, or bribing him with treats to get him moving, give treats when he does something correct. The worst you can do is giving him food when he is seeking attention against the kitchen counter. It will only tell him that when he does this, you will likely give him food.

Whether your pets are young pups or old dogs, it’s never too late to teach them new tricks. Just have a lot of patience and enjoy this quality time with your pet. Make sure to give them lots of love and take care of them as part of your family.

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