A man watering his plants and smiling

Gardening and Its Benefits to Your Mental Health

Feeling out of balance lately? Can’t focus on work or finish a project you started? Perhaps you need to be in touch with nature to help gain back your inner balance. No, you don’t need to go to the forest. You just needed a backyard where you can work with the greens.

According to a study by Bakker Spalding, 88 percent of people improved their mental wellbeing through gardening. If you find your garden dry and can only see tall weeds, perhaps it’s time to put some life into it! Here’s how.

Visualize your garden

Do you want it to be full of flowers? How about shrubs? Whatever it is you have in mind, put it into writing. If you have friends who can help you do the landscaping, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Think of it as a bonding opportunity. Find inspiration from the internet. There are tons of ideas you could use for your very own outdoor space. You may even put up a garden gazebo for your personal space.

Use unconventional decors

If you have an old unused bicycle, you may use it as part of your garden decor. Use mismatched pots or hanging vines. Try to make it as creative, colorful and uniquely you.

Place a fountain or little pond

Aside from adding drama to your space, it should also recreate the idea of being in the real outdoors. The sound of the flowing water is soothing and calming.

Place a few fairy lights

Do you want to spend time in your garden at night? Put some fairy lights or garden lights. You could even use the lights to serve as a guide in going to the gazebo.

Remember that a good garden helps you release the negativities inside you. Find the inner peace you need in your very own place.

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