Gifts that Mean Love

loveF. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “There are different kinds of love, but never the same love twice.” It’s amazing how one can express and give these different forms and kinds of love.

While we all live in search for love, finding it is an adventure on its own—it may be a newly found friend, a rekindled flame or a reconciled bond with the family. We will always find the need to show our love for these special people in our lives so as not to let them feel neglected or unloved.

Give them these simple gifts that would tell them just how much you love them.


As old school and traditional as it may sound, fresh flowers have an effect on us that is simply inexplicable. Studies have shown that people who receive flowers get excited and reveal genuine smiles that signify gratitude.

Moreover, shares that giving and receiving these floral gifts are believed to increase intimate connections for both friends and family. Ultimately, flowers give your loved ones concrete gift of happiness, one that is living and beautiful—just like them.


This one will not need money. The mere sharing or spending of time with the people you love tell them just how important they are to you.

Because of the ever-evolving modern society, more people become less invested in physical human connection and less willing to give time to others as they feel constrained more than ever.

By giving them something you can never get back, you let them feel valued and appreciated. As simple as it sounds, time is the root of all relationships—romantic or not. The more you spend time with the people you consider most important in your life, the more memories you create and share with each other. Therefore, giving you more to look back on and reminisce.

Traditional and old-fashioned—call it what you may, but the 21st century has made these simple gifts a symbol of love. Do not forget to shower those who shower you with love in return. Make them feel loved through these gifts.

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