The Spirit of Giving

The Spirit of Giving: It can be Christmas Every Day

The Spirit of GivingChristmas is that time of the year when everyone is cheerful. People have a certain spring in their step and a certain air of joy.

People spend their hard-earned cash without hesitation and find time to be together. They go home to their respective towns and cities. A worker in New York will find time to attend a Christmas Eve service in Denver.

Now if only it can be Christmas every day.

In the Spirit of Giving

During Christmas, giving is commonplace. It isn’t just money you give; it can be time, taking some days off work to get together with family and friends and catch up.

Rather than waiting for Christmas to come, start giving back to the community. Give to those who have less by visiting homeless shelters and orphanages and, at the very least, listening to their stories. Churches like also encourage giving donations not only during the holidays, but any day of the year.

A World in Celebration

There are celebrations all over the world, each with a different version and flavor of Christmas. Chinese children await a visit from their very own version of Santa Claus. The Spanish, being fervent Christians, hear ‘La Misa Del Gallo’ on Christmas Eve after partaking in one of two feasts. In Germany, they even have a second Christmas Day: December 26 is known as ‘zweite Weihnachtstag’ (literally second Christmas Day).

Your family has their own traditions, and for some, this is the only time they see their loved ones. Change that and find the time to go home to your parents even on a regular weekend.

How you celebrate special occasions is up to you. Don’t forget to celebrate with family and friends—and with cheer. Make every day feel like Christmas by making everyone happy.

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