Glitters and Piñatas: Adorable Ways to Reveal Your Little One’s Gender

A baby's birthday party

The day you find out your unborn baby’s gender will form go down in the family history as a shining moment. In the past, this pleasant surprise used to unfold inside the delivery room, since gender determination wasn’t much of a trend.

But with friends and family members who are as excited as you to find out your baby’s gender, an adorable and unconventional gender reveal party is imperative. From cupcakes to piñatas, here are creative ideas for a gender reveal party:

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Add some twist to the common gender reveal cupcakes by joining in on the surprise. Use a sealed envelope to let into the secret a friend who likes to bake. Purchase custom cupcake wrappers from Simply Wrappers and ask the friend to bake chocolate cupcakes with blue or pink filling, and wait for your sweet surprise!


Fill a fun-shaped piñata with blue or pink confetti. You can go crazy with the piñata’s shape — it can take the shape of a question mark or the face of a unicorn, whatever catches your fancy. You can also add glitters to bring more fun into your confetti shower.

Silly String

Entrust a friend with the envelope that contains the gender news, and ask him or her to get appropriately colored cans of silly string. Ask them to remove all the lids and labels before handing them out to guests, so no one knows the hue until it’s time for the big moment.

Squirt Guns

Fill colorful toy guns with paint that corresponds to your baby’s gender. Ask your guests to join in on the fun and wear white for the occasion, to highlight the happy mess all of you will be making.

Gender reveal parties offer a fun way to let family and friends in on the new baby’s gender. Looking back on the gender reveal photos when the baby is older will make your child understand that he or she is a precious gift: utterly loved and wanted, even before he/she came out into the world.

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