Why Try Corporate USB Sticks for Customer Freebies

Bamboo USB SticksTechnology gave rise to various kinds of digital and electronic corporate giveaways. Not only are technology-driven freebies unique, but they’re also practical and fun to receive if you’re a customer.

One of the most widely utilised technology freebies is the flash drive. USB sticks printed with company logos now come in various shapes and designs, depending on the company’s products or brand being marketed.

Corporate USB sticks are taking mainstream place today because of their practicality. So why else should you invest in creating unique USB sticks for your company’s giveaway arsenal?

It represents the brand in a unique way.

A corporate USB stick can sport various designs, depending on what your company wants to promote. If you have a school supplies shop, you may have flash drives shaped like erasers or tiny notepads. If you’re an accounting firm, have your corporate USB stick giveaways designed with numbers or mathematical symbols. Just remember to keep your flash drives unique and interesting to pique customer’s interest and effectively market your brand to target customers.

Practically anyone can use it.

Most Australians have computers and laptops in their homes and offices. And they would need some computer peripheral to use for saving their personal and office files. USB sticks are great because you can give them to anyone and they’d be able to use it without hesitation. Regardless of the memory capacity of your corporate flash drives, people would willingly accept it and use it more frequently than other freebie items.

It’s handy and easy to carry around.

Imagine giving out a well-crafted mug for your corporate giveaway. Too big, bulky, and fragile to carry, right? That’s not the case with corporate USB sticks. Given their small size, they’re easy to bring along, quick to give out and can be stashed anywhere in your customer’s bag. Your clients can easily take them whenever they’re needed, and that means more people will likely see your brand – that’s a bonus for your marketing strategies. USB sticks also don’t need fancy wraps or packaging, just put them in tiny yet presentable boxes with a catchy tag, and you’re ready to go.

It can be easily personalised.

People prefer customised things over generic items. Giving away personalised freebies like flash drives will inevitably turn people’s attention to your brand even more and make it visible anywhere your customers go.

Corporate USB sticks can be personalised to include each customer’s name alongside your brand’s logo. The USB sticks can also be designed with customised colours and shapes that match your customer’s preferences, making people connect and identify strongly with your brand.

In summary, there are many advantages to using corporate flash drives for customer giveaways. They may be small, but they’re packed with unique qualities that will enhance your brand visibility while helping your customers carry their data around seamlessly.

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