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Granny Flat Glam: Fun Uses and Designs For the Space

A granny flat, also known as a portable cabin or transportable kit home, is a fully-functional living space that’s commonly attached to a single-family home. It’s given the name “granny flat” because it is used by adult children who have aging parents to take care of. But a granny flat isn’t only for this purpose. Some people opt to live in a granny flat that’s completely on its own because it’s a good way to downsize and live simpler. It’s also portable, so you can move anywhere without having to worry about where to live.

Beautiful¬†transportable kit homes can be designed creatively so that anyone who’ll live in it will always feel cozy and appreciative of the little space. Since it’s not limited to a grandparents’ space, even teens and younger adults can hang out in there and enjoy the privacy and full-functionality of the home.

Granny Flat Design Ideas and Tips

You have numerous options on creative and beautiful granny flat designs. If your senior parents are using it, it would be nice to design it with relaxing elements to give them the utmost comfort. A country cottage style design would be good, as it’s rustic, warm, and inviting. Kids would surely love to play in there too with their grandparents.

If you need a resort-like refuge somewhere in your property, building a granny flat would be a great solution. Think of coastal elements like palm trees, seashells, and bright white and blue hues to fill the space with. Furnish the interiors with cozy and lightweight furniture to truly mimic the appearance of a resort villa.

Keep in mind the cabin’s limited space as you design it. A good and well-known trick to expand visual space is to let a lot of light in. Provide lots of glass windows all throughout the granny flat, with drapes or blinds for privacy and filtering out the light.

Use high-quality materials to make the space look elegant. Consider granite countertops, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances for the interiors, and reclaimed wood and metal tiles for the exteriors. These are sustainable materials, so using them promotes eco-friendly living.

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Different Uses of Granny Flats

Other than a senior adult’s dwelling or retirement home, a portable cabin can also be used as a main place of residence, especially for families or couples looking to downsize. In fact, living in smaller spaces is becoming a trend, particularly in the U.S., because people are starting to realize that they don’t need much to live comfortably. Living in a portable cabin is also great for people who no longer like to deal with renting and mortgage, as it’s relatively cheaper than buying or building a single-family home.

But if not a main place of residence, a portable home can also be used by your guests. They’ll be very comfortable and accommodated because they have their own beds, kitchen and bath, and sitting rooms. If you have to entertain them, you can just stay in a portable cabin so that you won’t have to disturb your family living in your main house. If you have teens, then your portable cabin will be put to great use, because they’d certainly love to bring their friends over.

And if you wish to earn money out of a portable cabin, make it your rental property. A two-bedroom granny flat can earn you up to $300 per week, so that’s definitely a good addition to your savings.

Having a granny flat can improve a person’s quality of life, especially that of the aging parents because they get to live close to their children and grandchildren. And even if you don’t have elders to look after, a granny flat remains a good investment because of its versatility.

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